President & CEO



Dr. Karen Hills Pruden, DM , CDE, SPHR

Pruden Global Business Solutions Consulting LLC (PGBSC) provides workplace diversity and inclusion strategies that improve the organizational environment to facilitate the company's ability to make money, save money, or contribute to organizational goals. These 3 elements of the business case for diversity and inclusion has provided the return on investment for employers who ensure practices, policies, and workplace interactions facilitate employees' feeling valued and respected. 

Dr. Pruden packs the punch of a powerful manager, entrepreneur and organizational strategist.  She specializes in troubleshooting and prescribing solutions for talent disengagement, employee conflict, and ineffective organizational design. She is an advocate for the underrepresented. When called, Dr. Pruden can be found behind a microphone in the role of a thought-provoking, mind-transforming keynote speaker.

Dr. Pruden is a Certified Diversity Executive and Certified Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) who travels the United States educating professionals on the identification of group bias, cultural bias, unconscious bias, and groupthink phenomenon, that stifles competitive and innovative thinking. She has held various human resources and management positions. Dr. Pruden is also the proud owner of several businesses in Virginia.

Academically,  Dr. Pruden has completed the Women's Leadership Program of Yale School of Management from Yale University (New Haven, CT). She has obtained: a Doctorate of Management with emphasis in Organizational Leadership ; a Master of Arts: Urban Affairs, Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science: Political Science, Pre-Law .

Dr. Pruden has published several books , Attract, then Repel: Why are Candidates Abandoning Your Employment Process? © 2016, DP Rochelle, Hampton, Virginia, ISBN: 978-0-9862-3898-7; Women Inspiring Nation, Volume 2, © 2019 Cheryl Wood Empowers, ISBN:978-1-5323-9472-0; Entrepreneurial Elevation © 2019, Cheryl Wood Empowers;  The Human in the Resource © 2019.