CAREER ELEVATION EXPERT for women middle managers aspiring to be senior leaders

“No Excuses, Make It Happen.”

 I’m the Career Elevation Expert. I’m All About…

No More Regret!

Life happened, you made the best decision at that time. You stopped thinking about the career, business, or dream you know you were destined for. You do not have too. You need passion and commitment to get started.

Unleash Unused Potential!

Yes, you still have what it takes. Your thirst will give you the forte to learn the resources needed to pursue your goal with the ‘current version of you’. Your knowledge and experience will reignite with the furor of a volcano.

You Are Not Ordinary, You Are Extraordinary!

There’s no time for worry of what others may think. If not now, when? You are worth it. Your happiness is priceless. We will figure out the, how. Say yes, to you.
Why should you work with me?

I am a Career Elevation Expert for women middle managers who aspire to senior leadership positions. I am a Certified Diversity Executive. I am a 5X author, with 2 publications reaching #1 on Amazon Bestsellers List. I have over 20 years of experience in human resource management which has allowed me to impact over 50,000 employees through direct interaction, succession planning, coaching, mentoring, and policy writing. I have been a repeat conference speaker for SOCIETY OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERS, for colleges and universities such as Virginia Union University; and historic organizations such as NAACP. 

What Others Are Saying

Kevin D. Patrick

“Karen’s involvement was critical in leading change and assisted in driving key operational improvements for my organization.”
-CFO, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Tamishia Henry

“Dr. Karen Hills Pruden has been an absolute joy to work with and I highly recommend her services. From day one she took the time to listen to our needs and showed a genuine interest in helping our business.”
-CEO/Co-Founder,Good Steward Business and Benefits Consulting, LLC

Shelby Johnson

“Her ability to capture diverse audiences, I believe is one of the highlights when booking her for your next speaking engagement.”
-Tidewater Community College

Melissa Daughtry

“Each woman left with the tools she needs to be able to present a plan to her future investors.”
-ACHI WSW Hampton Roads

Cynthia Davies

“She engaged the class with snippets of humor interjected into what could have been a tedious topic.”
-Human Resources Director

Sam Rucker

“Indubitably she’s one of the best Human Resources professionals I have worked with in any capacity.”
-Chief Information Officer, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

How Does It work?

First, we discuss your career aspirations and what delayed your rise in a consultation call. Second, we discuss any barriers that may prevent you from being fully committed to pursuing your goals now. Third, you commit to a personalized coaching package. And finally, your goal is no longer dormant. NOW, your next promotion is a strategic goal that you are actively pursuing.


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Implement the Plan without Ceasing


What is the Cost?

Most people will work around 90,000 hours in a lifetime. Now imagine that this job is not the job you really wanted. Are you willing to invest 90,000 hours of your life to anything other than your dream job?

About Dr.Karen

The potency of ‘first love’ has sidelined millions of adolescents from reaching their destiny. A teenage Karen overdosed on this euphoric emotion. She benched her college ambitions to marry her high school sweetheart, two months after graduation. By the time her third child was born, the euphoria had dissipated. The marriage was over.

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